Monday, September 5, 2011

Salt Lake City Shout Out in Bon Appetit Magazine

In Bon Appetit's latest restaurant issue, Ty Burrell (star of "Modern Family") gives a quick shout out to Salt Lake City's food scene. Here's what he said:

"There a big farm-to-table movement in Salt Lake City, my adopted hometown. It's given a lot of life to the food scene here, and it's bringing more Salt Lakers back. Among the newer restaurant here that I'm liking are Forage, Pago, and the Copper Onion. The chef at Copper Onion is a local guy who worked under Jean-Georges [Vongerichten]. There's also an amazing sushi place called Takashi. It's a four-way tie between those chefs for my favorite restaurant meal."

Congrats to all those mentioned.

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