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Address: 1481 W 12600 S, South Jordan, UT 84065. 801.446.5646.

Review: Bombdiggitys is a restaurant with a plan. That plan, far as I can tell, is to introduce the good people of Utah to beefalo burgers. Beefalo is a cross between, you guessed it, beef and bison (i.e., buffalos). The result is a meat leaner than regular beef (bison meat has very little fat content), but still retains some beefy flavor.

The beefalo Bombdiggitys uses is Utah raised, which is nice in a let's-eat-local sort of way. Of course, the overarching question is "how do beefalo burgers taste?" Let's find out.

I had the quarter pound burger with cheese. It came with fries and fry sauce.

I usually address the bun first when writing about burgers, but since this place's shtick is the meat, let's address that first. The first thing I noticed was the flavor of the meat: it was a cross between bison and beef, although beef was the predominant flavor. The second thing I noticed was the meat was extremely lean, like bison. As with any lean meat, if cooked too long, it becomes dry as a bone. Unfortunately, my burger had been cooked too long and was dry as a bone. The cheese added some fat to the mix, but no amount of fatty cheese can add sufficient moisture to dry patties. The bun appeared homemade. It was soft. By the end, however, the bottom portion was falling apart. Toppings were standard: onions, pickles, tomatoes. Cheese was fine. In the end, it was a dry burger, with a taste a little different than normal.

Fries were okay. I ate most of them, but there was nothing particularly exciting about them.

Bombdiggitys also makes frozen custard. Good frozen custard is one of the better pleasures on earth. Thick, creamy, rich, silky on the tongue, oh so good. I ordered the chocolate variety here.

(Sort of looks like Don King's hair.) So, this frozen custard was a disappointment. It wasn't very chocolatey. In addition, it was hard as a rock. Honestly, there was no give, no silkiness to the custard. Not something I would order again.

Ultimately, I wasn't impressed at all. And while I love little local places that use homegrown products, I won't be frequenting Bombdiggitys.

Rating: 4/10 (5/10 is average).

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