Friday, November 4, 2011

Guzzi's Vintage Burgers and Fries

Address: 180 E 800 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. 801.364.4541.

Review: I've been waiting to eat at Guzzi's for a while. The first time I went, and I kid you not, I walked in, saw a full dining room, and was promptly told by the manager, "We're closed." (It was 6 p.m. on a Friday evening.) I looked at the dining room, then at the the manager, and said, "No you're not." He then explained they had just ran out of meat and wouldn't be taking any additional orders. I wondered if he just didn't want to serve an ugly dude like me, but I took him at his word and walked away.

So, now, fast forward four months. I'm at divorce mediation training and decide to give Guzzi's another go. This time there's meat, so I ordered a blue bacon burger. All burgers come with fries (which is the exact opposite of the Cotton Bottom Inn, where no burgers come with fries).

Let's start with the bun. I chose the wheat variety on the recommendation of the cashier. Good choice. It was tasty and soft, but substantial enough to stay together throughout the eating process. The meat was good, fatty, and juicy. There was a fair amount of pink in the middle, which is exactly how heaven intend things. The tomatoes and grilled onions worked. The blue cheese and bacon was a different experience. It seem like they had been cooked together on the stove top. This meant the bacon wasn't terribly crispy and the blue cheese was a little carbonized. Cooking blue cheese is a risky maneuver because it tends to lose some freshness and tang, and that's what happened here. Interesting thought that didn't work so hot in practice. Overall, it was a good burger that could use a bit of tweaking.

The fries. Well, they weren't that strong. Fresh cut, once fried, makes a fry dense, limp, and meh. The twice fried method would have really upped the quality. On a more positive note, the fry sauce was money.

There's strong and not at Guzzi's, but it's probably good enough to warrant a return trip, provided they keep the meat stocked.

Rating: 5.5/10 (5/10 is average)

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