Friday, November 25, 2011

Trattoria Brown - Thanksgiving

There are a number of food-centric holidays in the world, but Thanksgiving, with its unique mix of overt religiosity and ode to American exceptionalism, is a family favorite. We had some good friends over this year, and in so doing ate probably 7000 calories each. We then watched football and "Captain America" (again with the American exceptionalism theme). Great day.

And then there was the food. Here are some pictures, followed by descriptions.

Chicken (yes, no turkey, chicken) brined and stuffed with lemons and sage before roasting on a bed of onions, garlic, and celery.

Green bean casserole (my wife's personal favorite). Loaded with mushrooms and onions, and made from homemade chicken stock and half-and-half.

Root vegetable salad (golden and red beets, turnips, carrots, turnips) with a hazelnut vinaigrette.

My mother's stuffing. (My favorite Thanksgiving food, whose recipe will remain secret for the rest of time and eternity.)

Creamed corn with cream, butter, and honey. Money.

Potatoes, gravy, and cranberry relish. The gravy was made from the chicken pan drippings. The cranberry relish is a mix of cranberries, strawberries, sugar, and orange juice. Other than the stuffing, the relish is my top Thanksgiving food.

Oh, and we had desserts (pumpkin chocolate bread pudding made with chala bread, pumpkin and cranberry cheesecake, chocolate pudding pie, and a dutch apple pie.

And there you have it: Thanksgiving at Trattoria Brown. A wonderful day it was.

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