Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eggs in the City

Address: 1675 E 1300 S, SLC, UT 84105. 801.581.0809.

Review: My wife's friend is having her recital today. In preparation for this event, we all took her to breakfast yesterday. She needed some good ol' protein, so a place called Eggs in the City (Eggs) seemed liked a perfect fit.

I ordered the corned beef hash. (Before I deconstruct this dish, let me take a moment to speak about my father. He is a great man. He has three masters degrees, I believe. His mom, my grandma Brown, held a doctorate in education and was an associate professor at New Mexico State University. In all, he's a very intelligent man (too bad none of that intelligence transferred to me), but he loved corned beef hash from a can: a decidedly unintelligent choice. Because of this, all I remember about corned beef hash is salt and little white globs of gritty fat.)

The celestial lighting aside, this was an enjoyable dish that brought me back to my Irish roots (of which I have absolutely none). The corned beef was done in-house. It was tender, juicy, slightly charred, and the spices were prominent and savory. The potatoes were likewise savory, as well as light and salty. The eggs, perfectly cooked to an over easy, extruded their yolky goodness, which added a wonderful natural sauce to the hash.

In contrast to my Irish fare, my wife chose a decidedly Mexican dish: huevos rancheros.

I can't speak at length about this one because I only had a couple bites, but the one thing I noticed was the distinct lack of huevos in them there rancheros. They were buried under there somewhere, but only heaven knew where. Oh, and a second thing: there was copious amounts of cumin in the salsa. I mean, enough cumin to make it seem like a gaggle of cumin families moved onto salsa lane and produced copious amounts of cumin babies.

I liked Eggs. I'll certainly be back the next time I need to get my Irish, but not Mexican, on.

Rating: 6/10 (5/10 is average) it would be higher if not for the huevos rancheros.

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