Sunday, November 28, 2010

Capo Gelateria

Address: 262 south 200 west, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. 801.364.4248.

Review: After the BYU v. U of U game, my wife, son, and I decided we would grab some pizza at Settebello. Since everyone in SLC had the same idea, we waited next door in Capo Gelateria for about thirty minutes. Well, next door is really a misnomer. The two establishments are attached to one another. You can order your gelato and pay for it while dining in Settebello. It turned out to be a good wait.

My son became addicted to gelato while living in Italy when my wife was performing "Madama Butterfly" near Rimini. The addiction has proven long-lasting, since every time he sees gelato he stares at it, points at it, longs after it, until we purchase it for him. He's rather fond of chocolate. We're rather fond of pistachio. We picked up a medium cup with both flavors.

Now, we don't normally buy gelato in America since we are so often disappointed by it. This time, however, we enjoyed it. Both gelati were dense and creamy, although a little airier than it should be. The chocolate had a nice, deep chocolate flavor. (Aside: this chocolate gelato possessed none of the pronounced bitterness found in the chocolate gelato at Vinto.) The pistachio lacked a truly upfront pistachio flavor (this is a shame since we have very good pistachios grown nearby in Arizona), but it was quite good nonetheless.

We also sampled some of the other flavors. All were good. We could tell they use fresh ingredients and cared about their product. This said, as with all American gelaterie, the fruit gelati lacked assertive fruit flavors. Hopefully, Capo will continue tweaking their recipes. They're certainly on the right track.

Rating: 7/10 (5/10 is average)

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  1. Oh, how miss Italian gelato--REAL Italian gelato.

  2. This is the closest to the real thing I've had in the States.