Saturday, November 27, 2010

MacCool's Public House

Address: 11610 District Dr., South Jordan, UT 84095. 801.727.3111.

Review: MacCool's is sort of, kind of, an Irish pub with pub food. I say sort of because much of the food is quite americanized. That's fine. Hybrid food is very often good food. This hybrid food, however, is a bit hit and miss.

My buddy and I started with lamb's ribs which were topped with a barbeque-esque sauce, a creamy blue cheese sauce, and scallions.

Now, I love lamb but I had never tried lamb ribs. These were a good intro. They were tender and meaty. The sauce complimented the meat, which you could readily tell was lamb. The blue cheese sauce was a bit of a throw away component since it didn't taste much of blue cheese. While I'm not entirely sure what this dish had to do with Ireland, it was tasty.

Next on the menu was the potato and cheese casserole. This was a far more Irish-inspired dish. Unfortunately, the dish lacked taste. The potatoes were al dente (which was probably purposeful), but even with all the cheese (and there was a lot of cheese) the dish was under salted. Coupled with a lack of salt, the dish lacked anything that made the taste interesting. It was very one note, as it were.

Last was the bison burger with homemade chips. Again, nothing to do with Ireland here, and not much to do with taste either. The bison, as it so often is, was overcooked and dry. The sauce added so little to the dish that I can't even remember the ingredients, although I vaguely recollect tomatoes. The chips were fried in house, but they added little to the dish. No real flavor, not much salt. In all, not a quality burger.

In MacCool's defense, we only ordered one Irish-inspired dish. As I go back to MacCool's, I'll make it a point to eat the Irish dishes. Hopefully, those will be of a higher quality.

Rating: 4/10 (5/10 is average)

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