Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bayleaf Cafe

Address: 159 S Main St, SLC, UT 84111. 801.359.8490.

Review: Okay, so I'm writing this review a bit differently than I usually do. Usually, I assign a rating to the reviewed restaurant. However, I can't in good conscience assign a rating to the Bayleaf Cafe because it has, in essence, multiple personality disorder. One personality is an old fashioned southern restaurant which serves soul food. Another personality is that of a southeast Asian restaurant. I partook of only one personality, and until after having partaken of the other, I will withhold all ratings. Now, on to the food.

I had one of my favorite dishes: chicken and waffles. Ain't much better than fried chicken. Ain't much better than waffles. Ergo, ain't much better than chicken and waffles. And while this syllogism is unsound, Bayleaf Cafe's chicken and waffles is not. The dish was served with only the chicken and the waffle, which is good since the dish didn't need anything else muddying the waters. After cascading loads of honey onto the dish, I dug in. The waffle, which should be the star of the dish, was crunchy and fluffy (if not a little thin for my taste). The chicken was golden brown and juicy. While I would have preferred a chicken thigh to the breast used (thighs have more flavor), and slightly more seasoning to stand up to the honey, I enjoyed the chicken. In all, the combo was just plain good and satisfying.

I look forward to going back and experiencing Bayleaf's Asian personality. If it's anything like the southern personality, it's gonna be good.

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  1. Not a bad place to eat. I recommend, if you have a chance, that you get the "trash." I always leave more than full.