Sunday, December 12, 2010

East Coast Subs

Address: 5018 S State St., Murray, UT 84107. 801.262.7827.

Review: I happened upon this place while I was visiting a bail bonds shop in Murray. It was 12.45 and the office was closed, so I decided to grab a bite to eat nearby.

East Coast Subs has a family-run business feel. Not dirty like the Philadelphian, and not slick like DP Cheesesteaks. It had the appearance of an old Tastee Freez (remember those?) turned sub shop. It should have stayed a Tastee Freez.

Because it is my mission to find the best cheesesteak in SLC, I tried (you guessed it) the cheesesteak. No cheez whiz here. White American, provolone, or pepper jack only. Ugh. After eschewing the offer of lettuce, tomatoes, etc., etc., etc., I ended up with pepper jack and some hot peppers. The steak was dry, the bread was soft like the mid-section of Chris Christie is soft, the cheese was nondescript, and the peppers weren't spicy. And it was expensive to boot. Not impressed was I.

Rating: 4/10 (5/10 is average)

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  1. hmmm...I could have warned you about that one. Sorry... :)

  2. Just the way the review starts "I was visiting a bail bonds shop..." hooks me right in. Hopefully not on your own behalf for a bail bond?