Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goodwood Barbecue Company

Address: 133 E 12300 S, Draper, UT 84020. 801.495.4840.

Review: As a general rule, Barbecue is not a food genre conducive to the chain restaurant model. For whatever reason, mass standardization kills the smokey goodness of barbecued meats, and the sides don't seem to fair too well either. Goodwood Barbecue Company does nothing to challenge this general rule.

I had a lunch plate with pulled pork, brisket, sweet potatoes, and coleslaw. The pork was stringy and dry. The brisket, which, when cooked well, is dripping with juice and teeming with smokey flavor, was dry. (See a pattern here?). It also had little smoke flavor and even less of a smoke ring. The sweet potatoes (which were really yams, but whatever), on the other hand, were soft and steeped in brown sugar, just as nature intended them to be. (Aside: there is little better in this world than yams mixed with loads of brown and finished with a dollup of butter. Mmm.) The coleslaw was, well, I can't rightly remember, which means it didn't make a lasting impression either for good or for evil.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the barbecue sauce. It was quite sweet, lacked depth of flavor, and possessed almost no heat. Overall, it didn't add much beyond sugar to the meal.

In the end, if you think McDonald's produces a superior burger, then you'll probably like Goodwood. And if you don't, you probably won't.

Rating: 4/10 (5/10 is average).

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