Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cotton Bottom Inn

Address: 2820 E 6200 S, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121. 801.273.9830.

Review: The Cotton Bottom Inn is a total dive bar. Oddly, however, it rakes in a rather high-end clientele. When my friend and I showed up for lunch, we noticed Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, etc. in the parking lot. As we walked in the entrance (which is actually the backdoor, far as I could tell), we were flanked by people robed in business attire.

We sat down, and a waitress promptly greeted us with, "Are you here for lunch?" I thought that an odd question asked at 12.30 p.m. That was until I looked around and noticed more than one table with patrons downing pitchers of beer with no food to be seen. Eventually, we responded, "Yes, we are." In response came the query, "Garlic burgers?" In reality, she meant to ask, "Do you want to order the only food item we produce at this establishment?" Needless to say, we ordered the garlic burgers.

Here's the spread we received.

I figured there would be fries. I was wrong. This place is all about the burger, so let's discuss it. Garlic burgers are what you think they are: burgers with large amounts of garlic cooked in the patty. Surprisingly, the garlic was not overpowering, but added a distinct flavor. The meat itself was juicy and flavorful. The toppings (onions, pickles, and cheese is what you notice most) complimented the meat. The cheese was nothing super high quality, but was perfectly melty. The bun was not really a bun, but a section cut off a loaf of substantial deli bread. I've never experienced bread like this on a burger, but I'd like to experience it more often. Thankfully, these guys didn't try to dress up this burger with mixed greens or any of that trendy stuff. They know their customers want a fat, cheesy, no fanfare garlic burger, and that's what they serve. Good for them.

Rating: 7.5/10.

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  1. Great review! I must admit... I love these garlic burgers. You can smell them as you drive up to the bar, and yes it is a dive bar for sure. You feel like you're taken back to a time when bars had no windows and were in somewhat hidden locations. This is a bar that makes you feel like you're getting away from something OR getting away with something, I'm still not sure which.

  2. I liked the burgers here, but for greasy bar style garlic burgers I prefer either Lucky 13 or Copper Creek in West Valley. Still a great place though.