Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hi Sushi

Address: 1400 Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 801.906.8320.

Review: I have stated before that I am no sushi expert. I have never eaten sushi in Japan, nor have I eaten it outside the United States. This notwithstanding, I dig me some good sushi, and I don't dig me no bad sushi. Hi Sushi's sushi is the latter kind of sushi.

I started with the spicy squid and octopus rolls. 

Octopus is one of the better things you can put in your mouth, but not here. It was bland and tasteless. There was no spicy. The squid was even worse, to be honest. It was impossible to tell it was squid both because it didn't taste like squid, and because it had been chopped up into an indeterminate mass and mixed with other indeterminate stuff. Blah. The pickled ginger was very good though. 

I also tried a couple daily specials: black cod and monkfish liver. The black cod was tender and perfectly cooked. Among the best cod of any sort I've eaten. 

Monkfish liver is dubbed the foie gras of the sea. Foie gras is, of course, fattened duck liver, and is a beautiful, beautiful product. Maybe fresh monkfish liver approaches or surpasses foie gras, but not this stuff.

This liver was grainy and stale. It just wasn't good at all. The sauce added nothing.

Also, my buddy's salmon teriyaki was tough and overcooked. Not a good outing.

Rating: 3.5/10 (5/10 is average).

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