Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rosa's Cafe

Address: 4235 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, Texas 76901. 325.942.7597.

Review: Rosa's is my wife's favorite spot in San Angelo. I think she used to eat there fairly often in high school, and that habit's been tough to beat  over the years. Rosa's is sort of fast food, sort of not. It's not in the sense it doesn't taste like fast food. It is in the sense you receive your food quickly.

Let's talk about Rosa's interior for a moment. First thing you notice is color, lots and lots of vivid, eclectic color. In fact, it's like a Frida Kahlo painting blew up all over the joint. The other thing you notice is the tortilla machine churning out fresh-made tortillas by the dozen. My son and I can sit and watch that machine forever. 

The food. Well, it's good. We've had a number of items on the menu and we've liked the all. Demaree usually orders the taco carbon plate, while I usually grab fajitas or the like. Nothing is spectacular here, but everything is pretty darn good. The salsa bar contains the usually suspects: pico de gallo, mild and hot salsas, limes, etc. All are flavorful.  Quite honestly, I east at Rosa's for the tortillas. I love them. I crave them. I eat copious amounts of them at every sitting. The sopapillas are money: light, airy, steeming hot, sugary. Top them with honey. Mmm. And they come eight to an order for next to nothin'. 

Just and enjoyable place to catch a quick bite.

Rating: 6.5/10 (5/10 is average).

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