Friday, March 25, 2011

AJ's Taza Grill

Address: 268 South State St, SLC, UT 84111.

Review: AJ's Taza Grill serves primarily Greeky, Mediterraneany food. As a sort of side note, they also serve Chicago-style hot dogs. It is for this side note a friend of mine and I walked in and partook.

(Initial note: AJ's is a very new restaurant. In fact, they had only been only open two days when we ate there.) So, I had the Chicago dog with everything on it. Everything actually means quite a lot. There was, in addition to the dog, a steamed poppy seed bun, tomatoes, a pickle spear, onions, sport peppers (i.e., little vinegared green chilies), mustard, an unholy looking neon green relish, and celery salt. Eating this dog is an experience, man. The dog portion of the hot dog was dang good, and that's a tough thing since dogs are, by their very nature, disgusting. The bun was steamed and soft. The toppings, as strange as they seem, work. The neon green relish is a bit sweet for my taste, but the rest of the everything else makes the hot dog sing. Even the celery salt added something interesting to the taste. It was one of the better hot dogs I've ever eaten.

Review: I can't speak to the primary foodstuffs, but I can say the Chicago dog will bring me back.

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  1. Sounds like a real Chicago dog...complete with neon green! :)

  2. the fries were so sad!

  3. I love there gyros and there fresh cut fries.they have five different kind of gyros