Saturday, August 13, 2011

Murray City Farmers Market

Address: 5200 S 200 E, Murray, UT 84107.

Experience: The Murray farmers market is held at the Murray City park on Saturday mornings. It's a quaint (read: little) farmers market held in a parking lot.

Because it's smaller and less frequented, you end up with smaller purveyors, which is good. Everyone needs the opportunity to hock their wares and make profits.

We first happened upon these fresh Cache Valley blueberries. Actually, there was more than blueberries. Ultimately, we bought blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

All were quite good. The blueberries were large and juicy. The blackberries (which aren't actually berries, but that's a botany lesson for another day) were wild, and tart without too much sugar. The raspberries were the same. Honestly, it's nice to taste fruit like this: not overly sweet with many different tastes to be experienced. These little babies are destined to cook up in some orange blossom honey and lemon juice to make preserves.

Some eggplants also caught our eye, and at a buck each, who could resist.

With smooth skin, firm flesh, a deep purple color, and fairly uniform circumferences, these will be dispatched and will make what will undoubtedly be a pleasing melanzane alla parmigiana.

So, while the produce is not terribly varied, it is of good quality. In the end, it'll take you five minutes to walk through the Murray farmers market, but it will be worth your while.

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