Friday, June 29, 2012

Restaurante El Consulado

Address: Carrer Nuo del la Rambla, 95, 08001 Barcelona, Spain. 93 441 98 28.

Review: On our way to a concert in a part of town we had been in for all of five minutes, we decided to pick up a quick bite at Restaurante El Consulado. The criteria for our decision: it was right there. 

Look, I'm on vacation and we're going to eat churros and hot chocolate in a minute, so I'll make this quick: Consulado was an unmitigated disaster. I ordered the Catalan salad, which looked thusly:

Not a bad initial look. It has all the right stuff, e.g., corn, eggs, tuna, ham, olives, cheese, carrots, etc. Of course, beneath the arranged toppings is a mess of tasteless iceberg lettuce. There was no salt. The vegetables were of nominal quality, as was the tuna and ham and cheese. Worst part, they overdressed the salad, leaving a large puddle on the bottom of the plate. Ugh.

Demaree ordered the penne bolognese. It was overcooked like unto the Olive Garden in America. The sauce, quite honestly, had nothing to do with bolognese. It was akin to canned sauce from a certain American chef whose name rhymes with "shmardee." Consulado didn't even spring for parmigiano reggiano, instead putting some mess of indiscernible shredded lactose on the plate. Pitiful.

Rating: 2.5/10 (5/10 is average).

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